Cottonwood Pet Resort - Pet Sitting

Some people prefer to have a qualified person go to their home and take care of their dog. Dog sitters are available, and they will be more than happy to provide companionship to your dog as well as exercise. If you are in Elkhorn, NE, you can enjoy these services which offer the following advantages:
  • A familiar environment – Your dog will be less stressed and quite happy to remain in a familiar environment while you are away.
  • Uninterrupted Routine – Your dog’s diet as well as exercise routines will remain uninterrupted.
  • No travel trauma – Travelling for long distances with your pet can be quite disturbing for your furry friend. Eliminate travel trauma by engaging pet sitting services instead.
  • Minimal exposure to illness – When a pet stays home and is not boarded along with other animals, any exposure to illness is minimized. Of course any boarded animals must have had all their shots, but there is still a risk of exposure.
There are some special circumstances that warrant you having a dog sitter at your house such as special health needs or a pet that suffers from separation anxiety. This ensures that the animal is not put through additional unnecessary stress.

Who Needs a Pet Sitter?

There are several kinds of people that need to have a pet sitter. These include people who often travel on business, those who are on vacation and can’t take their dog along, those who tend to work long hours, people who have been injured or are unwell and therefore unable to properly care for the pet on their own.

Services Offered

Depending on the needs of the pet and your preferences, Omaha, NE dog sitters can come for a daily visit, pay more than one visit every day or even stay the night. During this time they will be expected to:
  • Walk the dog, engage in play time, and also provide exercise for them.
  • Feed your pets and make sure that the water bowls have been changed.
  • Clean up after the pet in case there is a mess and also clean out any litter boxes within the home.
  • When necessary, administer any medications that the pet needs.
  • Provide tender loving care to the pet.
In order to ensure that the home looks lived in, the sitter may also bring in the newspaper and mail, alternate the lights and the blinds as well if the owners of the home will be away. Additionally, they may carry out other tasks based on the pet owner’s requests.
Pet sitting requires training. You will be happy to know that all our sitters have been trained and certified to carry out this most important job. To get a qualified pet sitting professional, contact us now!